• Heather Moore

Trip to Arran 2019

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What a year 2019 was! I was asked to go to Arran for four days with some of the young people. We had a brilliant time and I enjoyed getting to really know the young people. They were fantastic and are now settled in their own tenancies. Marcello and Mary were brilliant and I learned a lot about them and from them.

This is the dream team that went: Mary Doll, Marcello the lost one and Me (Batman, don’t tell anyone)

Most of us arrived at the cabin with no problems. However, Marcello managed to get lost on the island! Mary and I had to get very close, mainly because our room was the size of a broom cupboard.

We had a full programme for the four days.

Hayleigh turned out to be a great shot at Archery and scored 2 bulls-eyes and won the point’s game. After this she informed us that she ran the archery club at college!

Everyone had a go at the ladders: Hayleigh, Hasan, Marcello, Josh and Ryan were fearless at the abseiling, although Ryan said, and I Quote: "I was S***ing bricks". He didn’t show it. Demi and Steven did great on the ladders. Everyone had fun - it was a good day.

We also toured Brodick Castle. Sue, our guide, had worked at the castle for 22 years and made the tour interesting

We were unable to do the tree planting on our last day so we went for a drive. Later we played scabby Queen and discovered that Zain had the worst poker face in the world,

The Journey Home was eventful – you couldn’t make it up.

After a nice cooked and relaxing breakfast we packed up. At this point we found out the ferry had been cancelled and we had to tear across the island to get the ferry at Lochranza. We quickly got moving then word came through that the other ferries had been cancelled. At this point the windscreen wipers on my car broke. Eventually we got back on the road only to hear that the mini bus Marcello was in had broken down! We had to wait for the AA to get us back on the road again.


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