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Burntisland August 2021

During August the Flats teams set off on a lovely sunny morning to Burntisland with the young people. A mix of individuals came from the flats and the accommodation project. They all instantly got on well as they shared a similar feeling of excitement going to the seaside. We had a great time on the bus as the young people were sharing memories of their childhood and visiting the beach with friends and family.

On arrival in Fife, everyone got a chippy lunch and sat on a field enjoying the food. Some of the young people were eating so fast as they were just so excited to get to the rides in the distance. Once we had all finished up we headed (some ran) eagerly to the fair ground. The young people enjoyed going on all the rides with no fear of heights or speed! Tina and Mary watched on as screams and cheers came from the rides above them. Sophie, our social work student, enjoyed riding with her key young person and found this an excellent activity to build a stronger relationship.

After a long time on the rides we set off for a walk on the beach to settle some stomachs! The water was lovely and cooling but we were soon back on the rides again. The bus trip home was full of laughter, smiles, ice cream and slush puppies. It was a busy jam packed day of fun!

Feedback from the young people:

‘I really liked meeting people from the other service today. It was nice making new friends’

‘Thanks so much. I loved getting out of Livi, I don’t leave a lot but this was fun’

‘I had a great time and enjoyed myself a lot. The chippy was great’

‘We should do this more often. It’s nice to spend time with staff like this. I loved Sophie coming on the rides’

‘Thanks for a class day, when is the next one?’


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