Responsible to



Team Leader

£22,000.00 (Plus sleepover allowance)



37 hours on a rota basis, including sleepovers and weekend working



You will be based in the Supported Accommodation in Adelaide Street. There may be
times when you will be expected to carry out duties within our other services based
in West Lothian.

About the job

• To ensure the delivery of high quality assessment, support and Housing Management in accordance with policies and procedures
• To work in partnership with other agencies to secure appropriate move on accommodation and relevant support for young people
• To be an integral part of the staff team and the Hostel Manager which is involved in the operational day to day running of the hostel and to ensure a consistent, high quality service delivery to ten homeless young people within this direct access emergency stay hostel
• To staff the hostel on a team of five project workers on a rotational basis that covers the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this will include periods of lone working
• This post is considered Regulated Work with children/adults under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scotland Act 2007. Candidates will be required to join the PVG scheme or undergo a PVG scheme update check prior to formal offer of employment.
• There is also a requirement to register with SSSC.


• To participate fully in the planning and day to day delivery of operational services
• To assess the needs of young people seeking admission to the Hostel. This includes the uptake of references and individual risk assessments
• To be part of a keyworking system to specific residents to assess service users skills and abilities and work in a person centred way to produce short term support plans based on the person’s level of need the resident This will involve practical, emotional and social support to service users. Keyworking meetings will also address the housing needs of the young person and any related issues
• To use the Better Futures Assessment tool in conjunction with the young person
• To plan and deliver regular groupwork with the resident group
• To contribute to Initial and comprehensive assessments carried out by the social work department Youth Justice, YAS and TCAC. You will present your professional opinion of residents needs and support them to communicate their own opinion of their needs and circumstances
• To attend and participate in fortnightly staff team meetings
• To identify when a resident, or referral, may require more specialist assessment and to signpost them to that service.
• To gather information and statistics on the circumstances of those who refer to the hostel to enable stakeholders and other agencies to identify the needs of those seeking a service and address any gaps in service provision
• If the resident wishes, to be involved in joint work with family members
• To prepare for and oversee Resident group meetings, held weekly to look at current group or individual issues, take minutes and feedback to the staff team, maximise participation, arrange outings, weekly menu plan
• To contribute to achieving the agreed standards of service and targets in line reflecting the aims and objectives of the project and the Service level Agreement
• To ensure a thorough and up to date awareness, application and adherence of Organisational Policy and to contribute to the adoption and promotion of good practice.
• You will participate in the administration of the hostel and accurately and factually record all work undertaken and communicate affectively to other hostel staff and other services and agencies in all circumstances.
• You will be responsible for petty cash handling.
• To be part of the out off hours contact for the supported flats and liaise with other agencies such as the police, the emergency services and the On Call, deal with neighbours and neighbour disputes and arrange for emergency repairs to be carried out


• To participate in regular support and supervision sessions with the hostel Manager this will Include an annual appraisal and a personal development plan
• The Project Worker is expected to maintain an up to date knowledge of housing resources throughout the Lothians, all relevant legislation, welfare benefits, policies and good practice in general within the field of youth homelessness, care policies and Care Commission standards for a Housing Support service.
• It is Open Door Accommodation projects aim to encourage and enable the personal
Development of staff and to support this you will participate each year in project Core Training and undertake training in line with your own personal development plan.
• To actively participate in staff team meetings to ensure information is shared and appropriate Issues are discussed and dealt with. To also participate in training events, and this may include reviewing the hostel procedures and working practice.
• Ensure that when required to register with SSSC that you maintain your registration and notify your line manager of this. Continuous Professional Development records should be managed to ensure ongoing registration and compliance.
• Inform your line manager of any developments, circumstances or events which may have implications for the service and or/Open Door. An example of this may be in regards to incidents, accidents, disclosures of information or observations of poor practice.


• To ensure a safe and secure environment within the hostel for a group of 10 young people
• To ensure that all necessary repairs are reported to and carried out by West Lothian Council
• To be responsible for Housing Management that relates to health and Safety such as floor plans, risk assessments, Fire Drills, Hygiene in the hostel and all health and safety procedures are rigorously and consistently adhered to by all staff and residents


• To participate in the gathering and processing of statistical information to evaluate the
Effectiveness of the service and the demands being made upon it (performance Indicators such as resident evaluations, referral forms)
• To develop links with external bodies and agencies and to actively promote the Project’s Services
• To contribute to the preparation of material for publicising the service and the project as a whole such as the annual report. To promote the work of the project and inform others on the issues that young homeless people face, this may include public speaking duties and networking with agencies and individuals
• To ensure that all information received and disseminated, whether verbal, written or electronic concerning all employees, prospective employees or service users is treated in the strictest confidence and that all such information held is regulated and controlled in a similar manner in compliance with Data Protection legislation.

• You will work in line with the Scottish Social Service Council guidelines and Open Door Accommodation Projects Code of Conduct and fully understand the sensitive nature of our work with young people
• You will undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by management
• You will operate in accordance with the Equal opportunities and confidentiality policy in operation throughout the project and all other relevant policies and procedures must be adhered to.

About you

About us

Open Door Accommodation Project is a youth charity that has been working for over thirty years with some of West Lothian’s most vulnerable young people at risk of homeless. Many may have been affected by family breakdown, are care leavers, have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, have poor mental health or well-being, are socially isolated and will struggle to find or sustain employment due to lack of qualifications or experience.


We aim to support the young people who come to us in a number of ways. Our priority is to provide a safe space for young people in crisis and then we work with them to devise a support plan to enable them to manage the transition from homelessness, cope with independent living and progress towards positive outcomes. A support plan is tailored to individual need and can include: welfare advice, budgeting, cookery skills to encourage healthy eating on a budget, education and training, employability skills and volunteering opportunities. We also aim to give each young vulnerable person practical support. This can include furniture, a household pack with basic toiletries and cleaning materials and a food pack. Many of the young people come to us with nothing more than a small bag of clothes so this practical support is essential.


We offer two housing services- hostel accommodation with ten units in the Craigshill area of Livingston, and a supported flats service offering young people accommodation in flats across West Lothian. We also offer a Community Outreach project which encompasses one to one support, an employability service, a volunteering project and health and wellbeing service.

Mission Statement

Open Door Accommodation Project operates as an enabling and empowering organisation. The approach to our work is innovative and multi-disciplinary.

We acknowledge the views of our stakeholders in our skilled and effective delivery of safe secure accommodation and support to young people at risk of homelessness between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

Philosophy/Value Base


Open Door Accommodation Project is committed to working in partnership with other agencies in the provision of quality services for vulnerable young people and in advancing the aims of social justice by assisting young people to take their place in society.


The Values that Open Door Accommodation Project work towards may be summarised as follows:

  • A person- centred approach:  To place the primary focus on the welfare, development and aspirations of the young person.

  • Respect:  To pay full regard to the individuality, integrity, humanity and right to privacy of the young person and to his/her wishes at any time. To apply Open Door Accommodation Project’s Policy on confidentiality.

  • Self Determination:  As far as possible, to encourage the young person to exercise choice, to make or participate in decisions, which affect him /her, and to contribute to decisions about the running of the organisation.

  • Participation:  As far as his/her capacities and wishes allow, to encourage the young person to become involved in all the activities in which he/she is engaged.

  • Openness:  In relating to young people, to be honest and truthful; to allow them full access to information and to ensure that the Project’s processes are transparent.

  • Personal development:  To promote the social confidence and self-awareness of residents and to encourage and help them to achieve their potential.

  • Inclusiveness:  To avoid discrimination on any grounds; to ensure that the young person’s views are fully represented.

  • Rights & Responsibilities:  To encourage young people to exercise their rights and to achieve a proper balance between rights and responsibilities.

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